psychic dream visions


Tarot card reading                                                $25

Palm Reading                                                       $10

Aura Reading                                                       $30

Chakra Reading                                                   $40

Psychic Reading                                                  $35


Chakra balancing /cleansing 

Confidence builder Sessions 

Dream interpretation             

Soul mate alliance                 

Love connection                   

Medium -contact the spirit world

Heal broken relationships /past/present/future           

Meditation lessons                                                 

Spiritual Awaking /unlock your inner desires              

Spiritual Healing through Meditation                    

Guidance /advise in Job/career/ school/ acting           

Counseling /Therapy  Sessions                           

 Family problems/parents/marriage /Siblings/in-laws/Kids

Chakra therapy                                                     

Help barren woman /blessing of the womb                  

Help in Financial                                                 

 Clarity meditation /clearing mind, body and spirit        

Help in Decision making                                       

Help in finding your passion and inner talent               

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Psychic  Dream  Visions

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